AntahKarana Arts

AntahKarana Arts

Master Maya Matrix

Understand the Samkhya Principles of Purusha (Constant), Prakriti (Tri-Traits variability), Mahat (Relevance and Awareness), Ahamkar (Existence and Form), Mana (Mind and Functionality)

Art 1: Developing Eternal Perspective

Samkhya is considered as the apex perspective to decode the secrets of existence and mysteries of life

Art 2: Skill with Prakriti

Recognition of Your Natural composition of Knowledge, Action and Emotional quotients is called Self Realisation.

Art 5: Mastery over Mind

Learn to calm your mind, manage your attention and restrain the repetitive thinking loops effectively with help of Dhyaan Abhyas.

Art 4: Skill with 5 Elements

Understand and Learn about the secrets of five great elements – Air, Fire, Earth, Space and Water. Decode the secrets of manifesting a desired life.

Art 3: Expanding Awareness

Start your Journey from recognising, relaying and actualising your true self and lead towards self excellence.

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