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Art 9: Art of Taste​

Training the tongue in Rasa Theory to observe - Fixed , Variable, relevance, form and the process of composition through tasting workshops such as Wine, Coffee and Tea Tasting

Learn decoding fixed composition of your tri-trait Prakriti, your true and instinctive nature. The tri-traits – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, are knowledge, action and emotion quotients of your being. Decoding and recognizing these traits is very a mystical experience of clarity. Well researched quizzes and easy to do assignments help you to recognise your own as well as prakriti of other 5 personality types from physical features, thinking and behavioural patterns. 

Discovering your own true self opens the path to mystical Vedic experiences. It helps to adopt right mental approach, nourishing diet, subjects of study, sectors of success giving karmas and also to deal with difficult situations with your own inborn strengths of sva-bhava and instincts. (100-110 Words Required)

Rasa Theory

Learn to calm your mind and manage your attention

Ayurvedic Cooking

Learn to calm your mind and manage your attention

Ayurvedic Cooking

Understand Body Types, Food Type, Body Imbalances, Food Tastes, Plan diet based on Seasons and Body types

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