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GyaanIndriya Arts

GyaanIndriya Arts

Master the 5 GyaanIndriya

Art of Listening, Seeing, Taste, Feel and Smelling through Trainings and Workshops in Music, Aroma Therapy, Photography, Painting, Rasa Theory, Ayurvedic Cooking and Textures, Naadi Diagnosis.

Art 6: Art of Listening

Ear Training in Music to know the difference between Sur and Besur…

Art 7: Art of Smell

Training the nose to be more efficient through workshops in Itra Sensing

Art 8: Art of Seeing

Training the eye to improve Visuals, Imagery and Aesthetics through…

Art 9: Art of Taste

Training the tongue in Rasa Theory to observe – Fixed , Variable, relevance, form…

Art 10: Art of Feel

Training the Skin to feel different textures through workshops in Fabric…

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