Learn & Experience

 Vedic Life Coaches (SiddhGuru Acharayas) welcome curious minds for imparting essential life skills in a cordial and friendly manner to create a world full of better experiences for fellow human beings.

You can learn essential life skills by understanding and following eternal Vedic wisdom while carrying out your worldly duties without compromising on your personal, professional or social life.

Now, you can learn to excel and upgrade yourself regularly through the widest range of relevant life subjects by attending training programmes at MahaGurukul from time to time.

Sharing profound Vedic experience through residential courses is an integral part of MahaGurukul. Get empirical answers to eternal questions and the truth about:

  • ‘What am I?’ by recognizing your true nature, traits (Gunas) and flaws (Doshas).
  • Know your Sanatan Dharma (the eternal role) by recognizing the composition of three natural traits (Gunas) in you.
  • Know ‘Who am I?’ by recognizing your instinctive self (SwaBhava) in the different contexts of life.
  • Know about your natural success giving actions (SwaKarma) coming from your instinctive self (SwaBhava).
  • Experience excellence of self through self-realization and successfully lead your way to self-actualisation by joining weekly meditation programmes running throughout the year.
  • Practice attention management (Dhyan) to prepare the mind for living a meaningful and purpose driven life through instinctive actions (SwaKarma).
  • Learn God given and time-tested Vedic life management tools for different aspects of life, based on profound knowledge of Samkhya and Yoga perspectives (Darshana) from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.
  • Master your five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue) and five action organs (speech, hands, feet, gut, reproductive) to empower your mind for development of intuitive decision making.