The mission of MahaGurukul is to facilitate people to experience their self-excellence. Only then it becomes possible for them to make a meaningful contribution towards society through their actions (Karma). Together we can contribute by :

  • Spreading the message of “Self-Realisation to self-actualisation” from Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in simple language for easy internalisation by each individual.
  • Selfless service (Yogdaan) for unprecedented well-being, by providing free advice based on eternal Vedic solutions to individuals. This will help eradicate their pain and distractions emerging from three domains of existence – self, environment and cosmos.
  • Imparting essential life management training for overcoming distractions and self-improvement through short duration training programmes.
  • Establishing MahaGurukul centres in each town for facilitating experience of self-excellence through the eternal Vedic framework.