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Prakriti Course

Prakriti Course

… Discover Your Self
3 weekend (Saturday, Sunday)

Fee (Non-Refundable): ₹5,100 (4,322.03/- + 777.97/- (GST))
(Incl. 1 Year Online Access to Course Videos, Reference Reading Material and Assignments.)

Date and Time: To be Announced..

Date and Time: 26th July 2021 
(3 Weeks, Mon-Wed-Fri), 5:00 – 7:00 PM (IST).

Language: KB’s talks in study videos are in Hindi and Gita Teachers support you in your Indian regional languages.

Decode your Natural Self (Prakriti) and enhance your personality. Adopt the right food intake, daily routine, behavior and habits in sync with your Prakriti to lead a happy, healthy and rich life.

Learn decoding fixed composition of your tri-trait Prakriti, your true and instinctive nature. The tri-traits – Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, are knowledge, action and emotion quotients of your being. Decoding and recognizing these traits is very a mystical experience of clarity. Well researched quizzes and easy to do assignments help you to recognise your own as well as prakriti of other 5 personality types from physical features, thinking and behavioural patterns. Discovering your own true self opens the path to mystical Vedic experiences. It helps to adopt right mental approach, nourishing diet, subjects of study, sectors of success giving karmas and also to deal with difficult situations with your own inborn strengths of sva-bhava and instincts.

Decoding your Prakriti and being an authentic self, you will be able to

  • Lead towards excellence with apt thought clarity understanding what you are and what you are not.
  • Cope up with difficult life situations by making right decisions according to your prakriti which always help you to overcome problems/obstacles quickly.
  • Get freedom from mental chaos which keeps on emerging due to unpredictable behavior of others.
  • Live in harmony with other personality types by recognizing their core driving mental thinking and behavioral patterns.
Summary of Prakriti Course

Discussion and Intuitive

Your intuitive Gita Teachers will be helping you initiate your Gita Journey, recognise your Prakriti and know your Karma, based on your Instinctive-Self. Recognise success giving projects in your life for excelling towards the Top Position in your field, based on God’s Advice in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

Prakriti Personality Experts

Prakriti Expert advises you the right food intake along with the best thinking and behavioral patterns to overcome cloudiness, confusion and distractions that make you unproductive.

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