Shodash Kala Bhawan

Learn 16 Essential Life Skills (16 Kalas)
Learn and practice Essential Meditation, Daily Rituals of Life Routines and Thinking Models to Stay on the Top in your Domain.

AntahKarana Arts

Learn Art of Developing Eternal Perspective, Skill with Prakriti, Expanding Awareness, Skill with 5 Elements and Mastery over Mind

GyaanIndriya Arts

Learn Art of Listening, Smelling, Seeing Taste and Art of Feeling.

KaramIndriya Arts

Learn Art of Speaking, Skill with Moves, Movement, Skill with Hands, Skill in Gut Management and Skill with Creative Energy

Delivering Excellence

Learn Art of Acting, Etiquette, Packaging, Grooming, Finishing school, Get Initiation in Vedas and Become Vedic Life Coach

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