Vastu Shastra Experts

Vastu Shastra Experts

Intuitive Vastu Acharyas evaluates your home plan and relates your problems with wrongly placed objects.
Balancing your environment according to Vastu Shastra  gives a life of more happiness, health, prosperity and growth.
vastu shastra

When you meet an Intuitive Vastu Acharya with Map of your home or workplace, he/she helps you to relate your problems with wrong placement of Activities, Utilities and Objects in 16 directions.

An intuitive Vastu Acharya is expert in balancing the 5 elements in buildings and suggesting simple yet effective Vastu remedies without breaking anything in the building. With simple remedies or by relocating objects, Acharya helps in reinstating the building into a balanced state according to prakriti of habitants.

vastu shastra experts

Balancing your living or working environment according to Vastu Shastra principles helps you to live with more happiness, health, rosperity and growth. 

Our Vastu Experts work using the ‘angular divisions’ approach and 4 Step Method developed by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal to recognise the influence of your home and work place (building) on your life and on your subconscious mind. 

This systematic method offers a problem solving approach. It stresses upon accurate diagnosis of the root cause of a problem to ensure prosperity, happiness and success in an individual’s life while maintaining modern architecture and lifestyle. Once this four-step diagnosis is found to be matching 100 per cent with the symptoms of the problem, only then, tried and tested Vastu remedies are recommended in the building to programme the relevant space for manifestation of desires. 

For this, one or more of the 16 easy-to-apply, scientific techniques are employed to achieve the desired solutions without doing demolitions or drastic changes to the building. Vastu is both an art and a science to achieve balance between the activities you perform to achieve your goals and the energies of your space which help you reach those goals. What Ayurveda is for body and Yoga is for mind, likewise, MahaVastu developed by Dr. Khushdeep Bansal is for life as a whole. 

The 4-steps of Vastu analysis are outlined below. 

  1. Effect of the entrance
  2. Power of the 16 zones
  3. Influence of the five elements
  4. Programming the space. 


Once the Vastu Expert diagnoses the root cause of problem accurately, using the 4-steps procedure mentioned above, they are adept at managing it. Using the 16 easy-to-apply techniques, the Vastu Expert can easily solve problems or rectify Vastu defects without having to resort to demolitions. 

The Expert can also programme your space to yield the desired results by developing favourable circumstances around you. 

Problems in life indicate the areas where your attention is required. The Vastu Expert helps to restore and maintain a balance and leads you towards attainment of money, health, fame, success and many more joyful experiences in life.

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