Vedic Research Methodology

The research methodology at MahaGurukul is to decipher and explore eternal Vedic wisdom (Vedas, Vedanga and Upanga) using innovative technologies and modern resources. We believe that this wisdom is divine knowledge established and curated by highest levels of collective human consciousness over thousands of years.

We undertake research on inter-relationships between Vedic knowledge and contemporary scientific understanding on human, world and universe levels in order to expand the boundaries of contemporary scientific knowledge.

Our main focus is to devise techniques and methods to utilize and apply this eternal Vedic wisdom in modern day to day life and not to waste time in reinventing the wheel.

MahaGurukul encourages research on attention management techniques, essential life skills, and necessary spiritual knowledge based on Vedic wisdom and six schools of Vedic perspective.

MahaGurukul welcomes curious minds, researchers and seekers from across the world who have faith in eternal Vedic solutions to delve deeper into this Vedic wisdom. We invite business institutions, research foundations, healthcare organizations and other like-minded groups or individuals to join hands with us on this revolutionary collective initiative for unprecedented good of humanity.