Eternal Vedic Guidance and Solutions

The founder of MahaGurukul, Dr. Khushdeep Bansal firmly believes that every human being at each moment is eager for self-improvement and to experience a new better state compared to his/ her present state.

If a person is not able to uplift himself to this desired new state despite putting their best efforts, he faces problems in the form of suffering, pain or feeling stuck.

For ages, eternal Vedic wisdom has given mankind a remarkable framework of effective ways to overcome challenges created by three domains of existence – self, environment and cosmos. It has been a true guide for mankind in creating a better experience through profound knowledge and solutions. It allows us to experience self-excellence for successfully leading a life towards self-actualization.

At MahaGurukul, have mystical experiences and get solutions from Vedic wisdom for a balanced life. You can get the following services and guidance from Vedic Life Coaches:

  • Know about your five magic manifesters (PanchKaraka) of success and accomplishments through your actions (SwaKarma).
  • Get advice on thinking, behaviour and diet (based on Ayurveda) to practice eternal Vedic life methods by being in instinctive self (SwaBhava). Create possibilities for success through instinctive actions (SwaKarma) and experience miracles.
  • Understand favourable directions according to one’s natural self (SwaPrakriti) and strength of Vedic constellations (Nakshatras). Accordingly, plan and design your environment (home and work place) for successful operations and make existing buildings more positive with Vedic solutions of MahaVastu.
  • Know the truth about cosmic effects based on Athrava Veda Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) and get easy Vedic solutions to overcome demonic influences and strengthen divine powers.